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Aurora Spring has been providing the most reliable driveline service and driveshaft repairs all throughout the suburbs of Chicago for several years. Over thirty years ago Aurora Spring started out as a suspension specialty shop but over the years has grown into a drive shaft service and driveline repair facility. The truck services we offer are repairing, balancing, lengthening or shortening your old drive shaft or we can even build you a brand new custom drive shaft for any application. Moreover, if you like to work on your own truck and want quality parts, we have just what you are looking for at Aurora Spring. If you live in Oswego and your truck needs some driveshaft repairs or driveline service, reach out to Aurora Spring today!

Oswego Driveshaft

The technicians at Aurora Spring have been helping the people of Oswego for over thirty years with all their driveline service and driveshaft repair requirements. Oswego is a village in Kendall County with a population in the village of just about 13,000. Oswego is located about 6 miles south of Aurora, which is the home of Aurora Spring. Our truck technicians have at least twenty five years in the industry and have been trusted by Oswego. So go ahead and let Aurora Spring answer all of your driveline repair and driveshaft service questions if you reside by Oswego!

Oswego Drive Shaft Repair

There are quite a few truck shops in Chicago but very few are trustworthy and may not give you true service for what you pay. Aurora Spring has been a trusted source for drive shaft service and driveline repair for the Oswego residents for over thirty years. That’s why we’ve stayed in business for so long because our three technicians believe in quality work and service. Aurora Spring is committed to offering excellent driveline service and drive shaft repair to our Oswego customers and that’s how we stay in business. Pick up your phone and call one of our technicians at (630) 892-5450 or (630) 892-5474 to get your questions answered and get your truck in top notch shape!

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