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Aurora Springs is a truck shop providing an assortment of driveline repairs ranging from but not limited to repairing, balancing, lengthening or shortening your old drive shaft or we can even build you a brand new custom drive shaft. Aurora Spring has been in the driveline service and driveshaft repair business for over thirty years! Through the years we have grown our driveline service and because of this we don’t just offer suspension repair, we have a number of services and driveshaft parts we sell to those who service their own trucks. If you reside near DeKalb then put your trust in Aurora Spring and let our technician’s that have all the years of experience get your truck running for you.

DeKalb Driveshaft

DeKalb is a city in DeKalb County with a population of over 43,000. DeKalb is about 64 miles west of downtown Chicago, and about 28 miles northwest of Aurora. So if you are in need of some driveline repairs or driveshaft service then you can count on Aurora Spring, especially if you are a resident of DeKalb! We have three technicians that all have at least twenty five years in the industry and love what they do, drive shaft service and driveline repair! If I were you I wouldn’t wait another minute to get the driveline service you require from the best! Whether you work on your own truck or need help with it, Aurora Springs has what our DeKalb customers have been searching for!

DeKalb Drive Shaft Repair

For over thirty years now Aurora Springs has been giving reliable driveline service and driveshaft repair to the residents of DeKalb. Please don’t trust your truck to just anyone at any truck shop because they may get your truck running enough to collect money and then they’ll send you on your way. Tom, Kirk and Doug have been in truck service and driveline repair for over twenty five years each and are great technicians. Our technicians care about providing quality service to their DeKalb customers. You don’t stay in business for thirty years by offering low quality driveshaft service and that’s a fact! Pick up your phone and give Aurora Spring a call at (630) 892-5450 or (630) 892-5474. Let the professionals answer any questions you have before making an appointment.

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